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First evidence of common brain code for space, time, distance
A new Dartmouth study provides the first evidence that people use the same brain circuitry to figure out space, time and social distances.
The findings, which help reveal how our brains organize information and create our perspective of the world, appear in the Journal of Neuroscience.
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Crystal Visions

Kristy Kaurova at Richard Nicoll Fall/Winter 2010

what does it mean to wake-up and how do we wake-up

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Aurora by peterspencer49 on Flickr.


"[I have conceived] a means that will make it possible for man to transmit energy in large amounts, thousands of horsepower, from one planet to another, absolutely regardless of distance. I think that nothing can be more important than interplanetary communication. It will certainly come some day. and the certitude that there are other human beings in the universe, working, suffering, struggling, like ourselves, will produce a magic effect on mankind and will form the foundation of a universal brotherhood that will last as long as humanity itself."—Nikola Tesla

I feel it in my bones

Burton F/W 2013 lookbook

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hildebrandt   amazing stories, 1983